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2019 Babe Ruth World Series Frequently Asked questions…

Can we bring personal coolers?

No personal coolers are allowed at the World Series, but your team may bring a team cooler to the park. Please see the admissions gate for a team cooler band. Otherwise, all our concession stands are reasonably priced and fully stocked for all your needs.

Are tents allowed at the parks?

Yes they are and depending on the park, the extra shade is helpful.

Are pets allowed at the parks?

No pets are allowed at any of the parks unless they are certified service animals.

Is smoking allowed at the parks?

For the health of the athletes and spectators, there is no smoking allowed at the parks.

Is there a gift exchange between teams for the first game?

We are not participating in a gift exchange between teams this year. However, every player will get a “surprise” at orientation from TCAA to thank them for participating in the 2018 Babe Ruth World Series!!

Do coaches and players need tournament passes?

Coaches and players on the official Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken roster do not need tournament passes. They will receive credentials at Media Day that will allow them to have access to all the Parks of the Series.

Are the games televised?

All games will be live streamed by the Babe Ruth Network. You can visit to find links to all the fields for all the games. Also available on

Do the USA Jerseys need patches?

No the USA jerseys do not need the official Babe Ruth Softball patches; however, each all star team uniform does need them.

If I ordered my tournament passes online, where do I pick them up?

All tickets purchased through TCAA online will be available for pickup during your team’s scheduled time at Media Day. If you will not be able to attend Media Day a representative can pick up your passes. Contact Cori MacMullen at for more information.

Still Have Questions?

For the answers to any questions not presented above, please contact TCAA at

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